Build Your Media Brand

Learn to embrace Media-Like strategies to build and nurture your own audience

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Chapter 7


Chapter 1

Building Your Media Brand

Real world examples and best practices brought together to provide key insights to being “media-like”.

Build an "owned audience", become a trusted source, and generate highly qualified inbound leads.

Chapter 5

Content Curation

Chapter 2

Automated Marketing

Manage content effectively with multi-channel marketing processes built with an automated marketing system.

Challenged to produce content? Content curation may be an effective way of developing fresh content.

Chapter 3

Five Laws of Content Marketing

Define, discover, organize, produce and publish content and best practices in content curation.

Chapter 6

Examples, Trends and Best Practices

Chapter 4

Media Brand Marketing Process

Explore hundreds of examples of content marketing used in Media Brand Marketing.

Explore traditional loop conversions with promotional and non-promotional content.

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