Reach a larger audience with our ONLINE BUSINESS TV & BUSINESS BROADCAST CHANNELS that you can sponsor, be a guest, or host your own show on your own channel. AxixMedia is a premium content portal for your content graph.

Axix Media

Premium Branded Online Television Portal

  • Interview format with subject matter experts
  • A network of interesting and informative content
  • Sponsor model design with built-in engagement and tracking tools
  • Reach highly targeted niche audiences
  • Collaborate with AxixMedia via our Host Partner Program
  • Distribute shows with our Syndicated Partner Program
  • Be a guest on one of our shows

"There can be absolutely no doubt that online video is fundamental to the way people now consume content."


Axix Business Channels

AxixMedia Business Channels

Our business channels include energy, medical, finance, economic development, engineering and specialized areas of business including management, marketing and sales.

Be a Guest on One of Our Shows

Our shows produce interesting and informative content that engages viewers and helps guide them to solutions so they can better overcome the needs and challenges they face every day.

Become the industry expert, build trust and audience by being a guest on one of our shows.

Be a guest on one of our shows
Sponsor one of our shows

Be a Sponsor of a show

We provide premium content that sponsors now seek to include in their own content graph and we work closely with our sponsors to help connect them directly to these audiences using interactive technologies to capture and convert leads.

Create Your Own Branded Channel

Enhance your brand with video content you create on your own branded channel. Communicate your brand story in a very powerful way without the chaos of YouTube.

Create your own show on your own channel
Capture Viewers with built-in engagement and audience tracking

Built-in Engagement and Audience Tracking

For Sponsors and Partner Channels.

We build audience tracking and engagement tools into every video page, to gather information and drive prospects into the sales funnel.

Nurture new opportunities and stay in touch with your prospects as they gain more trust through the content you provide.

Analytics and Reporting

Our analytics provide the information you need to measure performance and track conversions.

Apply these insights to improve the overall performance of your marketing system and improve your ROI month over month.

Analytics and Reporting

Ready to Create or Sponsor Video Content?

We can help you develop and host your online video presence.

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