AxixOnline™ is a white labeled video marketing platform with integrated engagement tools that allow a brand to capture new leads and nurture existing prospects with their own video content.

Axix Online Platform

AxixOnline™ has the answer to integrating online content, engagement, and nurturing of sales leads. By avoiding the chaos of YouTube you get a content marketing platform that can build audience and track engagement with prospects to nurture inbound, marketing qualified leads and convert them to sales qualified leads.

Built-in Tools:

  • CMS Content Portal
  • Video & Written Content Integration
  • Built-In Audience Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing Generation
  • Built-In Automated Marketing
  • eLearning Platforms
  • Engagement Reporting & Analytics
  • Affordable Plans for All Businesses
Axix Online Platform Branded Sites

Custom Branded

Tell your brand story without the chaos of YouTube. We design your media website with your branding to continue the brand recognition you’ve already established. Your own branded media site is one of the most important “channels” in your content graph.

Axix Online Platform Integrated Engagement Tools

Lead Nurturing Tools

The best way to engage your viewers is through our interactive forms that help connect you with your viewers. Our interactive forms provide the means to generate inbound leads. Contact us to learn more about how our solution can be used to help drive your content marketing and inbound lead efforts.

Analytics and Reporting

Audience Tracking

The analytic reporting will help you explore ways to motivate visitors to play and when to change or add new videos. We offer two levels of bandwidth, one with embedded YouTube and the other using a premium video hosting solution. Each deliver different analytics and bandwidth costs. 

Build Audience and Track Engagement

With Axix Online Platform you'll increase inbound leads with video and engagement tools.

Marketing Upside Down - The Changing Way We Sell Products in the Digital AgeHow to build a Right Side Up Marketing System in the Digital Age.

Axix Online Solutions - Building A Better Marketing System for Your Company

We help companies build better digital marketing systems that capture, nurture and convert more leads into sales. We have over 30 years experience in marketing, video production and web design. Contact Axix Online Solutions for a free analysis.