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Building an Automated Marketing System

Assessing Your Current Plan

Building a marketing system starts with a 50,000 foot view by taking a comprehensive look at your current plans, processes, content and tools. Based on this assessment, we can make basic recommendations about next steps and describe what you need to do to build a better marketing system.

In this step we give you a clear idea about the key things that need to change

Building a System Plan

Strategic planning includes sketching out the main campaigns that need to be created. Some of these will be continuous campaigns. Once these are set up, they continue to operate day and night, nurturing prospects once they enter your system.

We will create the right combination of advertising and content campaigns for building a marketing system

Developing Campaign Strategies

Once we know what campaigns need to be created, we drill down into specific strategies for each campaign, painting a picture showing how your marketing system will actually operate.

Each Campaign will have its own Content Strategy

We Set Up Your Campaigns the Right Way

Knowing how to set up campaigns the right way in your automated marketing system is key to making them work properly. When done right, each campaign will support the others, working harmoniously to capture, nurture and convert leads.

Automated marketing platforms create efficiencies of scale to make your marketing system highly productive.

We Manage Your Campaigns to Ensure they Produce the Results you Expect

Some campaigns run only when launched on a specific date for a specific customer segment. Others run continuously, triggered by actions taken by leads as they come into the system and continue to be nurtured until they convert to customers. We manage both types of campaigns for you.

Campaign Management is Key to Making Your System Work Flawlessly

We Report Monthly Metrics on all your campaigns

We report both process and outcome metrics so you know exactly how well your marketing system is performing, month to month. Your CEO will know the exact results your achieve and you can show him the ROI for each campaign and the entire system!

We Deliver Metrics that Make Sense!

Ready to Get Started?

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